Signs of Alcoholism

Signs of a potential alcoholic can be seen early, even before the problem drinker is aware of his problem.

Learn 37 early signs of an alcoholic:

  • See how high achievement, cigarette smoking, and thriving on crisis are signs of alcoholism.
  • Understand how an alcoholic can damage your company–even when they are not drinking.
  • Gain specific steps you can take to protect your workplace and yourself from the damage an alcoholic can cause.

Conventional wisdom says the alcoholic must “hit bottom” before he is ready or willing to change. But what if we can effectively “raise the bottom” and intervene in the progress of alcoholism?

“Buy this book. It will save you years of pain and disappointment.”
Terry N., Carlsbad, CA

Business consultant Arthur Jackson dives into the touchy subject of how to identify an alcoholic. This book gives you the tools you need to protect your company and yourself, and to help the active alcoholic in the process.

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